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We agree Australia needs to commit to a safe, healthy future and new jobs, by cutting Australia's climate pollution by more than half this decade.

We’re taking this to the top! We’re off to Canberra to share the climate stories of everyday Australians with our leaders.

A climate movement for everyone.

Safe communities

Together We Can create a better future for everyone.

Healthy environment

Together We Can protect what we love about our country.

Sustainable economy

Together We Can rebuild our economy with secure, future-proof jobs.

Together we are powerful

We’ve conducted the biggest and most in-depth poll of climate change....


of voters believe greater climate action will help nature and wildlife survive extreme weather.


of voters do not believe that new coal or gas power stations should be a priority for the federal government.


of voters believe the federal government needs to be doing more to address climate change.


of voters say Labor and Coalition plans for climate action will influence their vote.

Who we are

Together We Can is a collection of everyday Australians, groups and businesses from all over the country who want more action taken to address climate change.

We’re ready to get behind solutions for a safe and healthy future for everyone.

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