Paul Vandenbergh

Wirangu and Kokatha Business Owner, Adelaide, SA

Published 5th October 2021

Our ecosystem is a wonderful thing and we need to be conscious of how we’re disrupting that.

I’m trying to build the long-term viability of indigenous fishing on South Australia’s west coast. It’s important to our communities that we can continue to fish the Waters we’ve called home for thousands of years and the word ‘sustainability’ comes up a lot.

But what is the right way to make sectors like the fishing industry sustainable in a way that doesn’t further impact Sea Country on top of what we are seeing from climate change?

"Look after Country and Country will look after you. That is the mentality Aboriginal people have always had, whether with our Land or our Sea."

Paul Vandenbergh

Wirangu and Kokatha Business Owner, Adelaide, SA

We now see rises in sea temperature, which is solely based on how we’re treating our planet at the moment. That impacts on the growth of fish and other marine species.

We’re really worried about the rise in sea temperature and its economic and cultural impact. What future sustainability looks like as the climate changes are conversations we have with governments, corporations, with our own families, and in our own Country.

Climate change and what’s happening with our Country is always on Community 's mind: we’re always challenged by governments, mining companies and others not looking after Country.

We need action on solutions. I often ask myself, what is life going to be like for my kids? What’s the challenge going to be for them? How can we live more sustainably? How can we heal Country?

Our planet is speaking to us, just look at the bushfires last year, our Country here is talking to us now: we need to slow down, take a breath and work out how we can do this a lot better.

And it’s not just our lands. Look around the world, look at the fires in Greece and America, look at the destruction in Haiti from an earthquake that is compounded by massive storms.

There must be a better way for humans living in harmony with our environment: our planet needs healing.

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