Michelle Hamrosi

Doctor, Broulee, NSW

Published 5th October 2021

I see climate action as the greatest opportunity for our country in terms of health, wellbeing, economic opportunity and prosperity.

I want to see my children growing up in a thriving environment and economy, not living with compounding climate disasters risking their health and safety.
Being witness to the Black Summer fires rip through my community really impacted my thoughts and my practice.

Clean air, clean water and a liveable climate underpin our survival and I feel as though these basic rights for us humans are being eroded before our very eyes.

But following the bushfires, there was this sense of community support and connection ... the desire for a better world post bushfires and COVID is palpable. I believe meaningful, ambitious climate action is possible.

"Climate action is caring for our country, for each other and our environment. Together, we are more powerful, and we can create a tidal wave of change that is unstoppable."

Michelle Hamrosi

Doctor, Broulee, NSW

We need to put the health of Australians first when choosing how to rebuild our economy, so that bushfire-ravaged communities like mine can welcome a safer, more hopeful future.

Every dollar spent by the Australian government to stimulate the economy must also build resilience, tackle climate change and reduce social inequalities. We have everything we need to nurse our climate back to health.

A healthy economic recovery would mean a quick transition away from polluting fossil fuels, both coal and gas, which fuel climate change.

It would fund renewable energy projects, new public transport routes and walking and cycling paths that would generate thousands of new, well-paying jobs, including in regional and rural areas like mine.

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