Liz Foley

Mother, Melbourne, VIC

Published 5th October 2021

When my kids were tiny, parenting was minute-by-minute ... but as they grew I started to realise parenting was bigger than the evening meal or the choice of playgroup.

None of that stuff matters without a healthy planet for my kids to live on.

I also started to realise that climate damage is here, now. And if our country doesn't do something big and fast, we are going to lose so much more than we could ever imagine.

"We all need to play a role. All of us together — giving it our best shot."

Liz Foley

Mother, Melbourne, VIC

Now, as someone who really cares about climate change ...

... I see a great opportunity for an economic recovery that focuses on renewables and all the things we need to do for a healthier world for our kids to live in.

We can get out of this economic crash by thinking carefully about solutions. No-one wants to see a world that is more climate damaged than the one we live in.

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