Glen Hill

Fisherman, Meningie, SA

Published 5th October 2021

Everything that happens upstream affects us.

We live at the bottom end of the Murray River. I fish in the Coorong, and our community sits on Lake Albert, which is just before the Coorong.

When we went through the Millennium drought, we saw what happens with water being taken out of the system. To see the lakes at nearly a metre below sea level was an absolute eye opener to everybody.

None of that threat is going away. And then we have climate change. So from our point of view, this is catastrophic. And it's coming.

"It's very clear that the less we do, the worse it will be."

Glen Hill

Fisherman, Meningie, SA

We have already seen the evidence, all of us, that the longer we do nothing, the worse it is going to be.

Australia is talking about solutions. But in my experience, talk’s never done anything — we have to start doing. When are we going to start doing?

There are many experts all in agreement on the types of things that need to be done. Why aren't we doing those things now? Why are we not trying to head towards zero carbon emissions from power generation? It's not just simple. It's cheaper.

I'm standing here looking at my shed roof. It's got solar panels all over.

Our bill went from $4,000 a quarter, down to $1,000 a quarter. As a fishing business that runs three-phase power to big [refrigeration] containers, we’re just about at neutral power.

I think Australia is really well placed to tackle climate change and become world leaders.

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