Emily Driscoll

Renewables Worker, Adelaide, SA

Published 5th October 2021

Most people in our industry have never questioned the inevitable dominance of renewables in the electricity mix. But the Australian public recognises this now.

We are running out of time and need strong climate action immediately. Australians are suffering because of our government's continued stalling, and we cannot wait any longer to act.

We need a robust emissions reduction target for 2030, and a pathway to achieving a decarbonised economy before 2040.

There is simply no doubt that we already have the technology we need to transition to a 100% renewable electricity grid starting today.

"The old, overstated argument that renewable energy cannot provide baseload power is completely redundant with energy storage in the picture."

Emily Driscoll

Renewables Worker, Adelaide, SA

The scale of the opportunity is immense.

To put it simply — the government needs to stop hindering progress, embrace the inevitability of renewable energy, and let our highly capable industry brains loose on the biggest global technological (and economic) opportunity for this generation.

A well-designed, distributed, 100% renewable grid is cleaner, cheaper, stronger, quieter, creates more jobs, and provides an opportunity for Australia to be an innovative world leader. There are no downsides!

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