Chloe Rafferty

Cricketer, Altona, VIC

Published 5th October 2021

I play cricket for the Hobart Hurricanes. And I am just one of the team creating awareness of climate change.

I grew up in Altona in the Western Suburbs of Melbourne. Playing backyard cricket with my family in the driveway, and I was always encouraged to fill in for the boys team on a Friday night.

When I was younger there wasn’t much awareness of climate change at all, being a kid you are just going about your day.

But growing up, having those conversations with the groups around me in the team environment created more awareness around climate change for me.

"Having that conversation with a team-mate, or a friend or a family member about climate change is always a starting point."

Chloe Rafferty

Cricketer, Altona, VIC

If we all chip in with building awareness around climate change, and put our hands up and help each other out, we can all help as a team and be successful as a country.

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