Bruce Currie

Farmer, Jericho, QLD

Published 5th October 2021

My wife and I run cattle on a 25,300 hectare property north of Jericho in Central Queensland, and our business relies almost entirely on two groundwater bores.

For more than a decade we’ve been forced to live with the uncertainty of two proposed coal ‘mega mines’ and the threat they pose to our groundwater.

We also face the direct impacts of increased temperatures and more extreme weather events like droughts which can decimate our bioregion. Some plant species and beneficial insects are unable to survive.

Today's fossil fuel industry is [also] fuelling climate change, destroying farmers' water, soil, air, biodiversity and our environment.

"Every farmer knows the value of biodiversity to survive as we rotate our crops and livestock. Biodiversity is what puts healthy food on supermarket shelves."

Bruce Currie

Farmer, Jericho, QLD

Addressing climate change is not only good for farmers' businesses, it is essential for our survival.

I believe we can and should focus on reducing the global footprint this decade. No value can be put on destroying the environment which our survival depends on.

I want to be proud to say that my generation was proactive in addressing climate change.

For the sake of the next generation, we have to take action. It’s vital. We can turn this liability into an asset — action that needs to be taken to stop climate change will profit and benefit agriculture and society.

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