Abby Bernath

Lifeguard/Student, Gold Coast, QLD

Published 5th October 2021

As an upcoming marine biologist, I’m seeing firsthand the effects climate change has on our environment. This is terrifying for me.

I’ve been a lifeguard for six years now. I love it because it’s all about helping people and mitigating risk. And we know enough now that we should be approaching climate change in the same way.

I want to start my own ecotourism business to show people the wonders of the world, while looking after nature and our environment. But how can I achieve my dreams of showing people the vast ocean wonders and a thriving sea, when there will be nothing left to see?

"Everything we’re seeing right now, it just feels like we’re running out of time. At what point are we going to say enough is enough."

Abby Bernath

Lifeguard/Student, Gold Coast, QLD

One of the first things we need to do is reduce our fossil fuel emissions.

And that’s when our government needs to step forward and take action because we can’t leave our communities in the dark. We need to move forward with them. If we want our oceans to stay alive, we need to take action now.

This is the time for Australia to come together and call for climate change solutions and renewable energy sources. This will not only provide thousands of people nationwide with jobs, but also help our country build and strive for a sustainable future.

At the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre where I’m a lifeguard, I’ve seen first-hand the value of solar.

Not only do the 1300 panels supply all the centre's energy needs (including six heated swimming pools), they save the community lots of money. I love it how we use sunshine to power these swimming pools!

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